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Metre Barra Club & Testimonials

Who sits in the Dhipirri Metre Barra Club?

We will keep adding to the Metre Club gallery from the last few seasons below.

And 99.5cm isn’t enough to qualify. Just in case you were wondering.

Dhipirri’s 2021 Metre Barra Club Inductees

Dhipirri’s 2020 Metre Barra Club Inductees

Read about Glen Makin’s 104.5cm caught in October 2020

Dhipirri’s 2019 Metre Barra Club Inductees

Read about Tony Mahoney’s 100cm Barra – his first ever Metrey caught in November 2019.

Shaun Coote caught this 104cm in October 2019.

Read about Andrew Urquart’s 113cm Monster caught in March 2019.

Read about Luke Raffles’ 108cm beauty caught in April 2019.

Read about Martin Anstee’s first Metrey caught in May 2019.

Read about Stuart’s 101cm Dhipirri Barra caught in May 2019 and watch the video as it is sounded out then caught!

Past Metre Barra Club Photos/Videos:

Watch Karl H tame his 102cm Barra in March 2018


Dhipirri Guest Testimonials

From Mark Taylor to ET to Big Tone in Brisbane. Guests of Dhipirri become familiar friendly faces with every return visit.

Here’s some of what they have to say about a trip to Dhipirri.

What guests have to say about Dhipirri