December 10, 2022      1 Metre Barra Club

Dhipirri Spear

JC Hodge catches the 6th Dhipirri Metrey of 2022

No first time Barra fishing jitters for JC Hodge – as he pulls in the 6th Metre Barra caught at Dhipirri in 2022!

Welcome to the Metre Club JC Hodge!

Fishing with Dhipirri owner Darren Nickolls, JC did the job of bringing in this mighty 106cm Dhipirri Barra as Big Fish Gutter lived up to its name.

“I had never been Barra fishing before, and it was an incredible experience!

My buddies have all fished for years for Barra, with none of them ever getting over the metre mark.

The look on their faces when I landed the biggun, will live with me for ever, with their cherished (and redacted) words written into our groups’ fishing folklore, ‘___ Hodgy, you’re a ____ ____!’

Bragging rights FOREVER

JC also spoke glowingly of the Dhipirri Lodge experience – and as he says, it was his first Barra adventure and one he won’t forget.

“Amazing hosts, great knowledge, very patient with the birds’ nests, amazing food, cool cabins, roomy and stable boats.

A lot of firsts for me including a couple of Spanish Mackerel and some big bronzies!

Can’t wait to come back to Dhipirri!”

JC’s 106 brought the tally of anglers joining Dhipirri’s Metre Barra Club to six for the season by early November but there were more to come in December!

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