October 14, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Dhipirri Spear

Lucky Number 7 – Joshua Strickland’s first ever Barramundi is the 7th Metrey at Dhipirri in 2023!

Joshua Strickland from Brisbane delivers the 7th Dhipirri Metrey caught by our guests in 2023!

Welcome to the Metre Club Joshua!

Oh and congratulations on catching your first ever Barramundi… which was a METREY!


Joshua said of the experience:

“I was so relieved when I first got on a Barra because I hadn’t caught anything for about 5 hours... but I realised pretty quick is was a big fish.

It just kept running out taking line. I tried to stay with it and keep tension on the line but the boys in the boat were giving me plenty so it kept me motivated.

I got lucky when it sailed into Shane’s net when I brought it in.

For my first Barra ever I quickly realised how fortunate I was it was a Metrey but it sure makes for a good story now.”

Fishing with Dhipirri Guide Shane Ivory, Joshua’s 100cm Dhipirri Barra was caught in the Milingimbi Islands, and Shane said:

“We were testing new lures with Wilson Fishing and Josh not only managed to hook up to his first ever Barra but it happened to be a Metrey!

Here are some more photos and we will add a video of the Metrey tmw.

New set of lures coming from Wilson… being tested at Dhipirri and this one nailed a Metrey!

Want to go after a Metrey of your own?

We have available dates in the Build-Up in early and late November – so check out the available boat details here.

Plus we are offering the 🚨 Dhipirri Deal* 🚨 for the remaining open dates in 2023 which lets you bring yourself and two friends to fish at Dhipirri in one boat and you will only pay for the cost of two anglers per boat.

*This 3 for 2 saving is approx $2,600 per person 😍 (based on a standard trip of 3 anglers on a 4 day/5 night trip).

Boat openings in October/November 2023 – *Dhipirri Deal applies for the remainder of 2023 but NOT for any 2024 or beyond dates.

SPRING TIDES – 5 BOATS – October 31-November 4 (🚨 Dhipirri Deal* 🚨)

Fly in to Dhipirri Lodge – Tuesday 31st October.

Fish up to 3 Full Days – Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd November.

Fly out of Dhipirri Lodge – Saturday 4th November.

SPRING TIDES – 2 BOATS – November 28-December 3 (🚨 Dhipirri Deal* 🚨)

Fly in to Dhipirri Lodge – Tuesday 28th November.

Fish up to 4 Full Days – Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 2nd December.

Fly out of Dhipirri Lodge – Sunday 3rd December.

Please call Kirstie or Sharon in our Darwin Office on 08 8983 3722 to discuss your options on any of the dates above or below in November or to enquire about other potential dates in 2024 (the Dhipirri Deal does not apply for 2024 dates).

You can also email us at

Here’s the Dhipirri Metrey Class of 2023… so far:

Then during the two week break the staff had in July, Dhipirri Guides Jon Snell and Rob Robinson pulled in Metreys on the same day!


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