April 24, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Dhipirri Spear

Vinny Pavia catches a 110cm Barra to join Dhipirri’s Metre Barra Club

Vinny Pavia delivers the second Dhipirri Metrey caught at the Lodge in 2023!

Welcome to the Dhipirri Metre Club Vinny!

Fishing with Dhipirri Owner Darren Nickolls, Vinny’s 110cm Dhipirri Barra is the second Metrey of the 2023 season, but as Darren explains it wasn’t the most popular Metrey he’s seen caught.

“Vinny’s metrey was quality Barra and was caught at the Glyde River rock bar. It’s the biggest Dhipirri Barra this season and the largest since March 2021.”

To paraphrase what Darren told us:

Vinny was part of Joe Cachia’s group and Joe badly wanted to catch a Metrey on this trip, so at Vinny’s request, Darren drove up to Joe’s boat blasting ‘We are the Champions’ which went down as well as you imagine. But Vinny didn’t care – he’d just caught a Metrey!

Look at that Dhipirri Barra smile!

With the rain continuing to hit Dhipirri in recent weeks, the run-off will have some life in it yet.

We have some available dates in early-June – with neap tides – so check out the details here.


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