April 9, 2024      1 Metre Barra Club

Dhipirri Spear

3 Metreys added to Dhipirri’s Metre Club in the first week of April 2024

The Dhipirri Barra are on!

Wade McCormack from Melbourne and Ross and Steven Gray from Mildura deliver the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dhipirri Metrey caught on the opening week of April as the 2024 run-off starts to fire!

Welcome to the Metre Club legends!

The 2024 run-off is starting to deliver some big Barramundi – with a trio of Metreys caught in the opening week of April 2024. That makes it four Metreys at the Lodge so far in 2024, with Rory Gibson catching the first Metrey (100) in March – read about it here.

Wade McCormack’s 102

Fishing with Dhipirri Guide Sean Fiumara, Wade McCormack’s 102cm Dhipirri Barra was so well received word is Wade hasn’t taken his Metre Club shirt off since he left the Lodge last week.

Wade has been to Dhipirri a number of times so for him to join the Metre Club is a special thing for us and him. Great job mate.

Ross Gray’s 100

Fishing with Dhipirri Guide Sean Fiumara, Ross Gray’s 100cm Dhipirri Barra arrived after he dropped no less than 4 really good Dhipirri Barra that morning.

We will let Sean pick up the story during the Metre Club Shirt presentation.

“A little story for ya… he started pretty good… well he had 4 hookups and 4 losses straight up, poor bloke dropped every one. So Ross could find the Barra… he just couldn’t land one… and the third one was probably going to be the best of the day. But Ross came good in the end with a ripper of a Dhipirri Barra.”

Steven Gray’s 102

Fishing with Dhipirri Guide Andy Sutton, Steven Gray’s 102cm Dhipirri Barra was a welcome reward on Day 2 of his trip, after Steven caught just one Barra on Day 1 whilst watching his ship-mates pile into the Dhipirri Barra all day.

“Steven came out yesterday on the first day and caught one fish and watched everyone else catch fish… but then today he made up for it. He may have shed a few tears after getting across the magical metrey mark, so we had to have a little team hug. But it was well deserved for his perseverance after a tough first day. His 102 was a great Dhipirri Barra.”

The Metre Club Presentations were captured on Video – we posted it on our Instagram @Dhipirri


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The Perks of joining Dhipirri’s Metre Club

In 2024 new member of Dhipirri’s Metre Club not only get the money can’t buy Metre Club Shirt but they also receive a new ATC Kraven Reel and Venom Rod from our great sponsors Wilson Fishing – both new perks for joining Dhipirri’s Metre Club.

PLUS the client with the biggest Dhipirri Barra (in length) by the end of June 2024 will be looked after by Wilson Fishing again to the tune of a $3,000 in Wilson gear = HUGE!

This Wilson promotion will also run for the second half of 2024 – July through December. Thanks again to our great sponsors at Wilson Fishing.

Congrats gents!

Want to go after a Metrey of your own?

Call Kirstie or Sharon in our Darwin Office on 08 8983 3722 to discuss your options on dates with available boats on great tides in the second half of 2024.

You can also email us at

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