April 13, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Dhipirri Spear

Ross Ingram’s 101 is the first entry into Dhipirri’s Metre Club in 2023

Ross Ingram delivers the first Dhipirri Metrey caught at the Lodge in 2023!

Welcome to the Metre Club Ross!

He’s a happy man!

Fishing with Dhipirri Guide Jack Nolan, Ross’s 101cm Dhipirri Barra was caught at the mouth of the Woolen River, and Jack said:

“Ross caught the 101cm Dhipirri Barra in the dying minutes on the last day of his trip.

A long lean coastal fish who had seen some battles with the busted tail but it swam off healthy.”

With more rain hitting Dhipirri in recent weeks, the fishing has just kept getting better during the 2023 run-off.

We have some available dates in late April and mid-May – with neap tides – so check out the details here.


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