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Category: Guide Tales

  June 11, 2022      Guide Tales

Video: Catching Dhipirri Barra off a snag filmed on Drone

Drone video of catching multiple Dhipirri Barra off a snag. ... Read more →

  December 8, 2021      Guide Tales

How to tie a Loop Knot with Daz

... Read more →

  September 18, 2021      Guide Tales

This is one FAT 94cm Dhipirri Barra

The run-off fishing in 2021 was excellent at Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge and this client pulled in one f... Read more →

  June 12, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: ‘It’s got no hooks in it!’ One unlucky Barra

In April, Dean Carey pulled off an impressive hour of power fishing with Dhipirri owner Darren Nickolls. [embe... Read more →

  June 4, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: Fishing with Dad, Daniel slays 94cm Barra

In April, Dhipirri owner Darren Nickolls and son Daniel managed to get out to fish the run-off together... and Danie... Read more →

  May 10, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: Catching Barra without casting… easy as!

It's Dhipirri owner Darren Nickolls' birthday so to celebrate here he is catching a Barra without even casting!... Read more →

  April 7, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: A Barra session dreams are made of

How about this for 8 minutes of Dhipirri Barra mayhem! ... Read more →

  March 21, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: Clients Mark and Geoff have a day out during the early run-off!

How about this for a haul of Dhipirri Barra during the run-off! ... Read more →

  February 24, 2021      Guide Tales

Video: Double Barra in the net to kickoff 2021!

The first Dhipirri Barra of the 2021 season :) ... Read more →

  October 20, 2020      Guide Tales

This Dhipirri Barra is one big tease…

We've all been there when a Barra rises to take your lure and then says... NOPE. So cruel. Captured by Dhipirr... Read more →


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