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Category: Guide Tales

  October 14, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Lucky Number 7 – Joshua Strickland’s first ever Barramundi is the 7th Metrey at Dhipirri in 2023!

Joshua Strickland from Brisbane delivers the 7th Dhipirri Metrey caught by our guests in 2023! Welcome to the Metre Club Joshua! Oh and congratulations on catching your f... Read more →

  October 12, 2023      From The Lodge

Dr Jay removes parasites from a Rock Cod’s mouth

Dhipirri Guide Jay Pascall has a new nickname 'Dr Jay' after he was filmed removing two parasites from inside the mo... Read more →

  September 6, 2023      From The Lodge

Look at the size of this Mud Crab!!!

HUGE!! Luke Goss brought his dad Greg and son Brayden to Dhipirri across the weekend, and the... Read more →

  April 24, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Vinny Pavia catches a 110cm Barra to join Dhipirri’s Metre Barra Club

Vinny Pavia delivers the second Dhipirri Metrey caught at the Lodge in 2023! Welcome to the Dhipirri Metre Clu... Read more →

  December 19, 2022      1 Metre Barra Club

‘Party on the inside’ John O’Connor catches the 7th Dhipirri Metrey of 2022

John O'Connor's first visit to Dhipirri sees him land the 7th Metre Barra caught at the Lodge in 2022! Welcome... Read more →

  December 10, 2022      1 Metre Barra Club

JC Hodge catches the 6th Dhipirri Metrey of 2022

No first time Barra fishing jitters for JC Hodge - as he pulls in the 6th Metre Barra caught at Dhipirri in 2022!... Read more →

  August 31, 2022      Guide Tales

Video: Bringing in an 88cm Dhipirri Barra

Video of Mark Stowell's 88cm Dhipirri Barra caught in beautiful morning conditions earlier this year. ... Read more →

  June 21, 2022      Guide Tales

Video: Double Dhipirri Barra on + slow-motion jump

Video of a pair of Dhipirri Barra dancing near the boat in slow-motion. ... Read more →

  June 11, 2022      Guide Tales

Video: Catching Dhipirri Barra off a snag filmed on Drone

Drone video of catching multiple Dhipirri Barra off a snag. ... Read more →

  December 8, 2021      Guide Tales

How to tie a Loop Knot with Daz

... Read more →


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