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Category: Trip Reports

  April 26, 2024      1 Metre Barra Club

6 Metreys in 2 Days! The 2024 run-off is going nuts at Dhipirri

The BIG Dhipirri Barra are playing ball at Dhipirri right now. And to show off the impact a big wet (so far) has had on The Glyde - SIX Metreys were caught this week! ... Read more →

  April 9, 2024      1 Metre Barra Club

3 Metreys added to Dhipirri’s Metre Club in the first week of April 2024

The Dhipirri Barra are on! Wade McCormack from Melbourne and Ross and Steven Gray from Mildura deliver the... Read more →

  April 2, 2024      Dhipirri News

2024 Run-off showing potential to be biggest yet at Dhipirri

Dhipirri has been blanketed by good rains since we opened the 2024 season, and here are some great photos sho... Read more →

  March 11, 2024      1 Metre Barra Club

‘A dream come true’ The 1st Dhipirri Metre Barra of the 2024 run-off goes to Rory Gibson

Rory Gibson from Yamba, NSW delivers the 1st Dhipirri Metrey caught on the opening trip of the 2024 run-off! W... Read more →

  August 16, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

George Holman’s 104 is the 6th Dhipirri Metrey of Season 2023

George Holman from Sydney delivers the 6th Dhipirri Metrey caught by our guests in 2023! Welcome to the Metre ... Read more →

  April 13, 2023      1 Metre Barra Club

Ross Ingram’s 101 is the first entry into Dhipirri’s Metre Club in 2023

Ross Ingram delivers the first Dhipirri Metrey caught at the Lodge in 2023! Welcome to the Metre Club ... Read more →

  December 10, 2022      1 Metre Barra Club

JC Hodge catches the 6th Dhipirri Metrey of 2022

No first time Barra fishing jitters for JC Hodge - as he pulls in the 6th Metre Barra caught at Dhipirri in 2022!... Read more →

  November 16, 2022      Trip Reports

Gallery: Caughlin Brothers Trip November 2022

Dhipirri hosted Bob and Paul Caughlin in November 2022 and they cleaned up on the big Dhipirri Barra. They fis... Read more →

  November 10, 2022      Trip Reports

Trip Report: β€œIt will now be an annual father-son gig!”

Kurt and Liam Wilkinson made the trip to Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge in October 2022 and Dad had a great... Read more →

  October 31, 2022      Dhipirri News

Reel Destinations TV at Dhipirri – Full Episode

The 'Reel Destinations' team visited Dhipirri Lodge at the end of 2021 and the Season Two episode ... Read more →


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