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2024 Run-off showing potential to be biggest yet at Dhipirri

Dhipirri has been blanketed by good rains since we opened the 2024 season, and here are some great photos showing just how much water is already in the Arafura Swamp that feeds The Glyde.

This means the run-off is going to last beyond the middle of the year, and we’ve got some awesome neap tides free for you to fish – more details below.

Check out these photographs of the top of The Glyde taken by Darren Nickolls a week ago.

And Dhipirri Guide Rob Robinson captured this serious flow at the top of The Glyde


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🎣 And as for the fishing so far?

We are getting plenty of Dhipirri Barra on the chew across our first touring groups of 2024 – including Rory Gibson’s Metrey earlier this month.

Plus our Threadfin Salmon count is up on previous seasons too – and we know how good those taste on a plate.

And our Bluewater fishing remains a constant source of enjoyment if the Dhipirri Barra aren’t playing ball.

So if you’ve been thinking of a trip to Dhipirri – Darren says this season has potential to be the biggest wet he’s seen at Dhipirri since we opened in 2013 – and if that’s not a good enough endorsement you are hard to please!

Here are some great Neap Tides available from July-August 2024 – we also have other dates free just speak to our Darwin Office if there’s a date that suits you better.

But we recommend fishing on these Neaps if you can to get the most out of the expected extended run-off.

🎣 NEAP TIDES – Up to 5 boats free – June 30-July 5

Fly in to Dhipirri Lodge – Sunday 30th June.

Fish up to 4 Full Days – Monday 1st July to Thursday 4th July.

Fly out of Dhipirri Lodge – Friday 5th July.

🎣 NEAP TIDES – Up to 5 boats free – July 29-August 5

Fly in to Dhipirri Lodge – Monday 29th July.

Fish up to 6 Full Days – Tuesday 30th July to Sunday 4th August.

Fly out of Dhipirri Lodge – Monday 5th August.

🎣 NEAP TIDES – Up to 5 boats free – August 14-19

Fly in to Dhipirri Lodge – Wednesday 14th August.

Fish up to 4 Full Days – Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 2nd December.

Fly out of Dhipirri Lodge – Tuesday 20th 3rd December.

To discuss these or other dates in the second half of 2024, please call Kirstie or Sharon in our Darwin Office on 08 8983 3722 during business hours or email us at

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