August 7, 2019      Guide Tales

Dhipirri Spear

Young Sullivan conquers 2 Big Dhipirri Barra!

Little Legend tames Big Barra!

The Clark Family has been to Dhipirri the last two winters and it’s been awesome to host a family who loves fishing and spending time together in enthralling Arnhem Land.

Dhipirri Guide Aaron Beaumont has had a blast looking after the two youngest Clarks and their dad, and Aaron has captured the two titanic battles the youngest Clark – Sullivan – has had with two thumping Dhipirri Barra.


7 year old Sullivan conquers an 86cm Dhipirri Barra in 2018.

8 year old Sullivan tames an even bigger 92cm Dhipirri Barra in 2019!

Kids have a blast at Dhipirri – so get in touch with us via and we’d love to help you bring your family here.


Dhipirri Lodge drone flyover in winter →