November 10, 2022      Trip Reports

Dhipirri Spear

Trip Report: “It will now be an annual father-son gig!”

Kurt and Liam Wilkinson made the trip to Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge in October 2022 and Dad had a great time showing off the place to his son for the first time.

Kurt has been to Dhipirri a number of times and took the opportunity last month to introduce Liam to everything Dhipirri has to offer.

Dhipirri Trip Report from Kurt Wilkinson – October 2022 – he was looked after by Guide Chris Doukas and the entire Dhipirri team.

Was an awesome time with my son Liam.

Liam caught his first ever Barramundi and during the week he pulled in a best of 80cm for both Barra and Queenie. It was Liam’s first time fishing with a baitcaster but he showed he had the knack by hitting the target bucket on the lawn the night we flew in – so he did well. He is better than me that’s for sure!

Fishing got better as the days went on and we caught a bunch of other species along with the Dhipirri Barra. Plus we caught a heap of crabs one day, so it was a terrific feast that night as you can see in the photos.

It will now be an annual father-son gig, so happy about that!


Kurt Wilkinson

Just let me eat Dad…

Thanks for sharing Team Wilkinson.

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