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Dhipirri Spear

The one golden rule when staying at Dhipirri Lodge

Respect the Grass

One of the features of Dhipirri Lodge is the manicured lawn around the grounds that owner Darren Nickolls has nurtured over the last five years.

Not only is the green a lovely visual addition to the lodge surrounds, but it keeps moving around the grounds comfortable – without dirt and sand on your feet – which is a very underrated benefit.

But Darren has one rule – don’t pee on the grass!

Dhipirri Lodge is blessed with two amenity blocks (one on both sides of the main deck, close to the cabins) and guests are expected to show restraint from taking instant relief on the grass (especially in the middle of the night) and use comfort of the flushing toilets Dhipirri offers.

Two big reasons are one, it stinks – especially during the middle of the day when the heat turns up, and two it discolours the grass.

Case in point.

So to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the comfort of fresh green grass, please stay off the lawn 🙂


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